Sue Osborne, CD (DONA),AS
Birth Photography

Hello! My name is Sue Osborne, but years ago, a nurse dubbed me "Suela the Doula" and the name stuck.

A bit about myself: I became a birth doula in 2000, training with DONA international, and was employed by Carle Foundation Hospital as a staff doula until 2005. At that time, I chose to leave and started Birth with Courage and Power Doula Services. I find the most important part of being a doula is to help you believe in yourself, your body and ability to give birth, no matter how you do it. Based on both my experience as a doula and my training with Pam England, author of Birthing from Within, I have facilitated alternative birth classes. I love empowering women in body, mind, and spirit to trust themselves through labor. Other mediums I have utilized to spread the word of doulas: local television interviews, newspaper interviews, teaching at local high schools and at Parkland Junior College, facilitating as a presenter at a Mental Health Recovery Conference, speaking about birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and about postpartum depression, and presented to classes at Central College in Pella, Iowa. I have mentored new doulas and have served over 300 mothers and their partners on their journey to becoming new parents.

My education includes DONA International and an Associates degree earned in 2007, when I graduated cum laude. On a personal note, I have been married to an incredible man, John, for the last 41 years and I have 2 wonderful adult children. Stacey, born in 1974 , was born two hours after arriving at the hospital. In 1976, Stephen, our son, squeaked into life just a half hour after our arrival. I have three amazing grandchildren, Isaiah 14, Jacob 13, and Bethany 9. Granny was honored to be at the hospital for all three but was only honored to see Bethany actually pop into the world.

I am deeply honored to join the women of Tree of Life. I will work to the best my ability to support them as a Limited Birth Doula, backing them up when they need a break during long births or get in a scheduling bind. One of the surprises I had during my "doulaing" was my discovery of the love of birth photography. Through this discovery, I am now a birth photographer, offering clients a photographic birth story. Birth—Day—Memories: pictures that let you look back on your birth and remember those things that may have gotten lost in your work of labor.

" To witness the birth of a child is our best opportunity to experience the meaning of the word miracle." — Paul Carrel