Client Testimonials for Trish

Adam McGinty
I tell you nothing is more frightening than being a new dad in a delivery room! That's where Trish comes in. You have questions about the delivery; want to know why the monitor keeps beeping; trouble navigating nurses; Trish takes care of it!

Personally, I was a wreck! After she spent the entire night answering my laundry list of questions, monitoring my wife, and running back and forth to the nurse's station, she still found time to help me participate in my son's birth. I'm not a big fan of blood, in fact, I usually pass out when it's more than a paper cut, but Trish's assurances and ability to put me to work, took the focus off the bodily fluids and back on the delivery. Trish, constantly asked how we were doing and if we felt she was intruding too much. At the time, I wouldn't have cared if she took over, but her delicate nature allowed her to be present, without feeling managed. It was a subtleness I'm sure a lot of parents will appreciate!

When we started pushing, she helped my wife with special massaging, pushing styles, and positioning. Even me, the pass-out poppa, held a leg and supported my wife's neck. As my son entered the world, an encouraging voice, helped me watch, yes, watch! my son crowning. When it came time to cut the cord, at my back, camera in hand, Trish snapped the first picture! About a half hour after he was born, they took him to the corner... Trish put her hand in the small of my back walked me over to a warming table; ”Go be with your new son, Dad!“ She is amazing!

Trish stays with us until my wife goes to Post Partum. I mean, she picked up whatever was lying around and headed out to our next room. She stays with us until my son starts breast feeding, ensuring we are settled before she leaves. She comes to the hospital on our last day and a few weeks later, drives out to my home. Talk about bang for your buck! This woman is truly, a blessing, and worth every penny!

Sarah Olson
When my husband and I hired Trish as our doula, we had no idea what to expect. To say that Trish went above and beyond is an understatement. I had a complicated pregnancy and was on bed rest for the last trimester. Trish was always a phone call away. She provided an incredible amount of emotional support to my husband and me. She even let me borrow several movies to help pass the time! We had several scares that involved late night trips to the hospital. Trish always went with us and helped us get through each trial we faced. I felt safe knowing that Trish was there to guide us through the sterile and sometimes insensitive hospital environment. Before I had my c-section, I was incredibly scared to have the spinal block put in. It was hospital policy that only hospital staff could be with me while it was placed. Trish talked the hospital staff into allowing her to stay with me which allowed me to relax and continue with the procedure. I highly recommend Trish for anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and supportive doula.

Cathy Franklin
After having a difficult and long labor with my first child my husband and I decided that we wanted to look into using a doula to help us through our next labor and delivery. Our midwife recommended Trish and so we called her. Over the next 7 months we developed a relationship with her and were very excited to have her be a part of our birth experience.

On the morning of my induction, Trish met us at the hospital. She helped to ease my nerves by chatting to keep my mind off of the upcoming labor. After the iv was in and contractions started Trish knew just what to do. We walked the halls and she really kept my husband and I positive and excited about what was to come. When things really started to get intense she helped with different positioning and breathing to make the contractions manageable. I never felt like I was losing control during them and really stayed on top of the pain thanks to her coaching. She also massaged my lower back and hips which really helped to relax my body.

When it came time to push Trish gave me a little pep talk. Everything happened so fast that there was not a whole lot of time for much coaching, but she did give me alot of encouragement. My husband was very pleased because it took so much pressure off of him to have her there. He says that it was the best money we have ever spent. I agree!

My labor was so easy and fast the second time around and I contribute a lot of that to Trish. She was so comforting and really gave us everything that we wanted in the labor and delivery. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience. I would definitely recommend using a doula to everyone. Having someone there who is there solely for you and your husband is a pure blessing in what can be a very scary and nerve wrecking time.

Elizabeth Watson
Trish is fantastic! I felt completely comfortable with her because she's so kind and easy to be with. She had no "agenda" whatsoever - she listened to me at every stage of the game and did her best to get me what I needed. After years of experience, it really seemed like she has seen and heard it all, and I never felt embarrassed with Trish witnessing some of those less-than-pretty moments during my son's birth. She offered tons of support and information, and she has great rapport with care providers and hospital staff. My husband loved her, too. After our son was born that was a big part of how he relayed the birth story - that everyone should have a doula like Trish! We would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Leslie Srajek
Trish was our doula for my third birth (the one everyone said would be a girl but turned out to be a 3rd boy. But I don't think this was Trish's fault). The support Trish offered us, before, during and after the birth of our son was tremendously helpful. She was one of the first people I saw when I arrived at the hospital, she stayed with me when I had some blood pressure issues the night after the birth, and she was there in the first early, crazy weeks. Her support made a big difference to my husband as well; her presence made him feel less alone, and he knew he was't my only source of support. Trish is a calming, reassuring, intuitive presence; she's funny, down-to-earth, real, and she loves what she does. I wholeheartedly recommend Trish to anyone looking for a wonderful doula!

Elizabeth Perrachione
My husband and I are so very grateful for Trish's presence and skills throughout my pregnancy and at our daughter's birth. A consummate professional, Trish was our guide, mentor, and confidant throughout the process. There is so much involved with being pregnant and giving birth - so many options, so much information to digest! Even when all goes as planned, there is a lot to consider - and when a pregnancy is high-risk (as in our case) decisions and stress can increase by a thousand fold! Trish's understanding of the intricacies of pregnancy and birth, combined with her working knowledge of Carle and Provena, were invaluable. She was well received by and worked beautifully with our doctor and the Provena staff. And on a scale of 1-10, I would rate her professionalism at 20+! She supported us beautifully and seamlessly; her presence was constant without ever being intrusive. It was clear to us - from the first meeting to her follow-up visit after the birth - that Trish had one goal in mind: to ensure that the birth of our daughter was as beautiful and stress free as possible. And due in large part to her involvement, it absolutely was! Were we going to have more children, I would hire her again and again (flying her into town if ever we moved!). As you can tell, I cannot say enough about how much I value who Trish is and what she brings to the birthing process.

Amber Smith
First of all, my experience with Trish as a doula was a little different, only because she's my aunt! And a great one at that! Having my Aunt Trish as our doula was awesome! It far exceeded any of our expectations and we wouldn't have changed it for the world. We didn't really know exactly what having her there at the hospital with us would be like, even though she was great about talking everything thru with us. This was also our first birth so we were new at everything! I'm soooo happy we had her there! Having her there meant a communicator between us and hospital staff which was great and it allowed my husband to stay by my side the whole time. She talked us thru things and helped "translate" what doctors/nurses were telling us. I ended up having an emergency c-section. I wanted my husband to go with our little girl to the nursery while I was in recovery and one of the best things about having her there was the pictures she took of my daughter/husband in the nursery minutes after she was born. I wasn't able to witness any of that and to me, those pictures are priceless! She was awesome over the next few days, helping me to breastfeed and giving tips/advice. She traveled all the way to Bentonville, AR to be with us during this special time and we can never thank her enough! Aunt Trish is a fabulous doula - anyone would be lucky to have her as their doula. She's also a fabulous mom, wife, an aunt!

Client Testimonials for Sarah

Brian and Mary Stauffer, Postpartum Clients, Parents to Lila
Sarah was very helpful in regards to nursing. She offered advice about my daughter's latch. But, most importantly, she lent moral support when it came to some of the emotions I was feeling about breastfeeding. A few days after my daughter was born, I was struggling with breastfeeding and hormone adjustment, and I called Sarah for emotional support. She was great! She validated how I was feeling and helped me to feel a lot better. Having someone that could support me and my husband during those first few weeks was extremely helpful.

Rebecca DelVillano, Postpartum Client and Mom to Noah
I am so thankful to have had Sarah as my postpartum Doula. I would encourage any new Mom to take advantage of the incredible resource that Sarah is, especially Moms who may not have family in the area to support them. She had so much knowledge and firsthand experience to share - she helped me with nursing, cloth diapering, bedtime routines, postpartum healing, emotional support, and so much more. Sarah is very good at what she does, and I would recommend her to any new parent in need of support!

Client Testimonials for Sara

When I began my search for a doula, I wanted someone who would be an advocate during the birthing experience. What both my partner and I ended up getting from our time with Sara was so much more. She has the professional credentials that lend themselves to this occupation (namely an MSW), but it is largely her warm, open, and nonjudgmental personality that makes her an awesome doula. There were some ups and downs in the pregnancy and Sara was there every step of the way. Equally important, Sara was a huge asset when it came to figuring out how I would handle any bumps on the actual birth day. When that day came, Sara was amazing at the very least. She followed through 100% on being the advocate that I needed. She was totally simpatico with the midwife, which allowed me to focus that much more on my labor. And, even though she had prepared me for those potential bumps, I attribute some of the ease of the most beautiful experience of my life--the birth of my son--to Sara. And I should mention something huge here: there were a lot of &quo;dos" and "don’ts" on my birth plan. The reality is that when push comes to shove, not everything is going to work out exactly like how one thinks they will. Sara helped me at critical moments to pick and choose my battles and ultimately help me reach the birth experience that was right for our family. Thank you, Sara!

Sara is an amazing doula with such a calming and soothing presence. She was so supportive from beginning to end, and was just what I needed to keep me grounded and focused during my labor. I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth that wasn’t as overwhelming as my first birth had been. During the labor, Sara was very in tune with the contractions I was experiencing and was a constant reminder that I had the inner strength to get through it. She was such a support to not only me, but to my husband as well. My labor was thankfully very short. My daughter was born 3 hours after arriving at the hospital, and with only 6 minutes of pushing. I think that the quick labor had so much to do with Sara’ s support and guidance. The entire birth was completely unmedicated, and just how I had hoped and envisioned it would be. I would recommend Sara to anyone!!

Sara was there for me every step of the way during my high-risk pregnancy. She gently encouraged me to discuss the option of doing a VBAC with my perinatologist and I was surprised to find out that my Doctor supported the idea! Thrilled at this opportunity, and with the support of my steadfast Doula Sara to accompany my husband and me, I went into labor completely prepared emotionally, physically and with the knowledge I needed in order to feel confident. With Sara on one side, and my husband on the other, I felt safe, calm, and in control as I labored at home and in the hospital. I honestly believe it was Sara’s presence that helped to make the whole experience positive, empowered and joyful.

Sara was a wonderful birth doula during the birth of my son Edward, as well as before and after. Before the birth, my husband and I met with Sara to discuss our hopes and fears about delivery. Sara was wonderful in validating a first-time Mom�s concern while helping to increase my confidence as my due date grew closer. In the delivery room, Sara was a great asset to me, my husband and my Mom. Sara took turns with my Mom and husband holding my legs during 3.5 hours of pushing. She brought drinks for them so they didn't get dehydrated. Most importantly, she talked me though every push, helping me focus on how to breathe properly and get the most out of every contraction. After my son was born, Sara stayed by my side and talked me through the repair of a pretty severe tear. She was amazing. Sara checked in with us via, phone, text and in person shortly after we took Edward home to make sure we very getting along with breast-feeding and not struggling with postpartum depression. When she learned my milk was having trouble coming in, Sara advised me on things I could do to help (which worked by the way), including sending me a recipe for "lactation cookies". I wholeheartedly recommend Sara for your birthing experience!

Client Testimonials for Jodi

Before Caleb was born, I gathered a list of email addresses and resources that I thought might be helpful if I ever had any questions about anything. I found Jodi’s email and made a note to myself. Little did I know she would become #1 on my speed dial of emails for nursing issues. 3 weeks after Caleb was born the bombardment of emails began... overactive let down, oversupply, clogged ducts, frequency of feedings, amount of milk, and on and on the emails went out. And like a pro, one by one Jodi tackled my questions like no other friend, doctor, lactation consultant or website could. Giving me extra resources and advice that no one gave, Jodi really encouraged me to keep on going with breastfeeding, with the assurance that one day it WOULD get better. There are some good people who don’t make you feel like you’re being a burden when you ask a bazillions questions; there are better people who make you feel like your questions are valid and it’s their job to answer your questions; the best of the best come along when you feel like you can ask as many questions as you want because it’s their joy to find you some answers-not because it’s their job, but their passion. Jodi is the best of the best. The emails have not ended. After the initial breast feeding questions ceased, then came the questions about vitamin D, pumping at work, starting solids, increasing supply, mastitis, etc. The list is continuing on as Caleb is getting older, and Jodi is right there alongside us, being an integral part of Caleb’s health. I’m sure down the road, she still might be getting emails from me about how to raise a teenager or what the best colleges are. But for now, I will continue to go to Jodi for any question I have about baby stuff and I’m so thankful God is using her for Caleb’s health and my own sanity.

Jill Rackow, Mother to Annabelle
If it weren’ t for Jodi, I would not be breastfeeding my now three month old, Annabelle. Before having her, I knew that nursing was something I definitely wanted to do; I also knew that it could potentially be challenging. I thought I had prepared myself well by reading books about breastfeeding, and asking for advice ahead of time. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for my 3 day old baby to completely stop nursing. After 8 hours of her not latching on, I became pretty frantic, knowing she was jaundiced and eating was the only way she would get better. After a night of trying to hand express colostrum and feed it with a dropper to my newborn, my husband and I were exhausted and close to throwing in the towel and switching to formula. Talking to Jodi changed everything. She came over to our house (how awesome, with a newborn!!) at 6:00 p.m.on Annabelle’s fourth day of life. She sat down on the couch next to me, and by 6:05, Annabelle was latched on and nursing. I could have kissed Jodi! She helped show me how my positioning was slightly off, showed me how to entice Annabelle to latch on, taught my husband how to help me, and helped me to know what Annabelle’s hunger cues were. Jodi sat with us for two hours, and it was probably the most amazing two hours of my time with Annabelle to this date. Watching my starving little baby finally eat at my breast was magical! Jodi instructed us to sit up all night and nurse, if that's what it would take to get Annabelle and me comfortable with nursing. We did, and by morning, Annabelle was nursing like a pro. Since then, Jodi has helped me learn how to deal with a strong let down, and has been super encouraging through a bout of mastitis. There is absolutely no way that I would have stuck with nursing through those challenges without Jodi’s advice, calm nature, and amazing, amazing encouragement.

Leslie, Mother to Claire
We called Jodi before we even left the hospital with our baby girl; we quickly realized that we were getting too much conflicting advice at the hospital and Jodi was highly recommended to us by our doula. My breastfeeding experience with my daughter had a very rough start and by the time I left the hospital I was experiencing a lot of pain and was completely frustrated and wondering if I could make it breastfeeding. Jodi said she could come to our home right away and gave me some helpful tips over the phone. You know someone is really good at what they do when they can describe something over the phone better than someone in person! As soon as I changed positions I had instant relief and I finally started healing! When Jodi came to our house things had improved from our earlier phone conversation but I was still not feeling very confident. When she left I was feeling more confident and more assured that breastfeeding would work for us. I continued to stay in touch with Jodi over the next couple of weeks as I had new questions. She was always very helpful and knowledgeable, always pointing me in the right direction and providing me with great resources. Jodi is compassionate, knowledgeable, and clearly willing to go the extra mile for a complete stranger. I can’t say enough good things about her and I can honestly say that my successful breastfeeding experience would’t have been possible without her help.

Jodi is wonderful! When our son was born, we had breastfeeding issues and felt that she was by far the most helpful, supportive and encouraging of the resources we consulted. She was always very quick to reply via phone and email and she came to our house a few times as well. She never made us feel like we were inconveniencing her. She was very patient, thorough and calming during a stressful, overwhelming time. Everything she suggested was right on target and helped our son to nurse well! She was a wonderful, helpful advocate and I think without her help, we wouldn’t have continued to breastfeed. Thank you, Jodi!

I had nearly every issue one could have with nursing. I was having horrible pain with latch and a case of thrush that wouldn’t clear up. Plugged ducts, sleepy baby, issues with my daughter’s muscle tone, tongue tie, mastitis, oversupply, undersupply, and my daughter had silent reflux. I was ready to give up after two weeks and not all of those issues had even popped up yet, but I really didn’t want to. I just needed support and solid information and when I found Jodi, I got what I needed and more. Without Jodi I know I couldn’t have saved my rocky nursing relationship. She was always well equipped with any information I needed concerning my most recent nursing issue and has been a huge cheerleader. I would come to her with an issue, thinking I couldn't overcome it this time, and she would tell me just how I could. Always respectful of my decisions and never pushy. just a really good friend, with really good information and really good resources. I can see that she is adaptable to the needs and personalities of probably any woman, highly sensitive to how others are feeling. Jodi Fan is every nursing mother’s best friend and advocate.